References Overview

Written by Kai Chmieleffski on Wednesday May 13, 2020

To give you the possibility to learn about me and my skills and abilities I created this reference section to show off some of the things I have done.

Since I haven't taken photographs and created screenshots of my work before this section is filling slowly but steadily.
Also keep in mind that many customers don't appreciate their projects being displayed in detail, which is why I don't display those ones here as long as I didn't get a written permission to do so.

Who am I / CV / Resume

If you are interested in my services you may want to take a look at my resumé / CV first. I prepared it for you to look at here.


Bachelors Thesis

Developing a method to evaluate the non-linear effects and the behaviour in saturation of
power inductors used as a reference impedances for flicker measurements according to EN 61000-3-3

In my bachelors thesis I developed a method to characterize high value power inductors in a simple and precise way. This thesis was made in cooperation with ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH, providing the neccessary equipment and helped in questions regarding the measurement procedure.
You can download the thesis (right now only in german language) here. A translated version will be available shortly.

Application notes

Fine adjustment of power inductors using the stray field

While working on the bachelors thesis I developed a very simple method to fine adjust power inductors by using/utilizing the stray field created by the inductor itself. As this method is been used in a device of a former employer I can't write about it in details without a written permission. If I get the permission I will elaborate the technique, the problems involving it and the idea behind it in detail.


74141-e - A simple replacement for an old IC

This is a small project which was done basically out of curiosity. I didn't have enough 74141 Nixie driver ICs in the lab to rebuild a vintage piece of metrology equipment, which is why I decided to just try and create a simple component that can mimic the features of the 74141 and 7441A out of modern SMD components, with the goal to have a pin compatible drop in replacement.

20Arms mains inrush current limiter with various safety features
I needed a way to limit the inrush current of my isolation transformer, which is why I developed this inrush current limiter which is capable of 20Arms continuous.
It is designed for easy assemble as a DIY kit and uses a low BOM count to keep costs down.
Inrush current limiter - 3D render

More references from projects I worked on will be added soon.