PCB Layout

Written by Kai Chmieleffski on Thursday April 2, 2020

Wether the task is to create a good layout from a given schematic or to create schematic and circuit layouts, I am sure you will be pleased with the outcome that I will deliver for you.

Creating the pcb layout from a schematic is sometimes refered to as the highest discipline in electronics design, since there are a great variety of different facettes of PCB layouting that need to be taken into account - be it highspeed differential lines that need specific, matched lengths, stray capacitances or inductances that could upset the circuit, space constraints under densely populated parts of the PCB, multilayer designs and many more - if is often not easy to find someone that can create every aspect of a design.

Due to many workshops and courses I got the chance to widen my knowledge and provide you with the following services (tasks not explicitly named may be available on request, just send me an e-mail!):

  • Layouts that can carry high currents per trace
  • High voltages
  • Frequencies up to several MHz
  • 8 Layers
  • Differential Routing
  • Impedance matching
  • BGA Layouts, Breakout tasks
  • Vacuum tube layouts (including thermical, high voltage and signal constraints)

Additionally to the PCB Layout service I offer to create 3D Models in .step format to ensure that the designed and populated PCB will fit in your enclosure, to reduce the potential rework neccessity.

I have different manufacturers of PCBs at hand that I have already worked with, so if you need high quality PCBs made from your layout I can provide you with those, too.